sex workers

HIV is a sexually transmitted disease, and there is a thought that people who are in escort services are more prone to it. But by far, the chances are very rare. Right now, the sex workers are quite aware of their health and other things, which simply means that they do not become victims of such things at all. When the escorts know when they are supposed to use the protection and when not. Also, they go for regular check-ups that simply help them deal with these uninvited problems. In case there is anything that is troubling them, they can simply reach out to the doctor and get it tested.

sex workers

So yes, it is right to say that HIV is less prevalent among sex workers. The transmission rate is actually 0.1% per sex act, or 10% per year.

Also, some clients are so conscious that they want to get a report of STD before having a love session with the escort, and thankfully, the service provider has access to the same as well. The sex workers who are regularly into it majorly go for STD tests weekly or monthly, which lets them be sure whether they are safe or not.

Do all sex workers eventually contract HIV?

Along with that, thanks to the medical field right now, there are so many protection options available for females as well, which save them from getting transmitted with sexually transmitted diseases. It is totally up to the escort whether they are taking it seriously or not. In most cases, it happens that along with escorting, the girls are aware of their overall health and they engage in some exercise routines that help them to stay fit throughout. Thus, there are no such chances that escorts may get affected. But unfortunately, if such a thing happened, she never continued with the same profession again.

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